Our qualified and skilled arborists are able to carry out all of your arboricultural requirements. They are experienced in working in difficult situations and are equally competent in working on trees of all sizes. We will devote as much care in dealing with a small tree as we would on a larger project.

Formative Pruning

Removal of dead, dying, damaged and diseased branches to improve tree form/appearance and also eliminate any future defects.

Crown Thinning

Improve light penetration whilst retaining tree shape and form.

Crown Reduction

Reduce overall tree size. Contains trees at a suitable size whilst still retaining form and appearance. Suitable for large tree species in small sections, when removal is not desired.

Crown Lifting

Raise the height of the crown to clear obstacles such as dwellings, power lines and also footpaths/driveways.

Dead Wooding

Removal of branches for safety purposes and also improves health and appearance.


Removals and dismantling using the latest techniques and lowering equipment. We can safely dismantle trees of any size, age or condition. We are able to sectionally dismantle trees in confined locations.


Regular maintenance of large or small hedges. Reduction in height and width of overgrown hedges. (Sorry, no tractor shelter belts).

Cable Bracing

Bracing of weak branches in order to retain tree form whilst maintaining safety to public or property.

Stump Grinding

Remove unsightly stumps to allow replanting or other landscaping improvements.


Arborist reports and Resource Consent applications.


We supply and deliver mulch. Load sizes at the present time are either 7-9 cubic metres or approximately 25 cubic metres.


We provide free quotations for any of the above requirements, without obligation.

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